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Little Moments

Midway through a production meeting this for the upcoming Winter Roots festival at the La Crosse Center, I looked ahead down the hall and had realized that a series of roughly 6 foot tall images of mine are now (also) displayed in the new remodel. 6/7 of them anyways. I hadn't expected to see them so it was a really pleasant surprise. Thankfully, my friend Brent was there to embarrass me in front of the whole group and point out that it was mine, and Andy snapped the photo as I stood there.

What I love most about this, is that these are all images that I took casually, just out of passion and curiosity. The morning I woke up and got out before sunrise, or the afternoon I was golfing with my buddy, the walks with loved ones where I happened to bring my camera with. It's a huge honor to have these moments preserved here at the La Crosse Center.

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