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Dylan Overhouse studied visual communications in his hometown of La Crosse, Wis., specializing in cinematography. He quickly earned a reputation for excellent work in both digital photography and videography. 

In 2018, just four years after he began his studies, Overhouse received his first notable recognition, winning the Artspire Public Art Project Award for his 360-degree composite of downtown La Crosse, a work he called “La Crosse Circle.” Since then, Overhouse’s photography has been featured in Amtrak magazine, the La Crosse Local arts and culture website, Ocooch Mountain Echo, the La Crosse Chamber of Commerce magazine, and other local and national publications. 

In 2021, Overhouse’s work documenting local protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death won him inclusion in the La Crosse Arts Board’s “The Moment” exhibit. And when the newly expanded and remodeled La Crosse Center opened in 2022, visitors were greeted by a floor-to-ceiling reproduction of images Overhouse captured of the majestic Mississippi River valley. 

While Overhouse continues to use his skills in those mainstream realms, he has spent the past few years increasingly engrossed in exploring and experimenting with film photography, a quest that has in turn influenced his approach to digital photography.

Unlearning the ways of structured branded photography and stripping everything down to basics has allowed Overhouse to refocus his intentions, live more in the moment, and he has seen his work evolve into a style that speaks to him, an extension of his energy. His personal photography projects, mainly in the Lomography/lo-fi arena, tap into a sense of loneliness and curiosity with a raw, straightforward approach that speaks to his search for identity.


"I have been working with Dylan Overhouse Productions for years and value the professional input the entity brings to a project; from a photo series to a multi-camera video campaign. Dylan and his team excel in video and photography production and offer peace of mind when working on and completing projects. "


- Brent Hanifl

River Travel Media

Media Director

"Working with Dylan Overhouse Productions/Mike Makes  was an absolute pleasure. They are knowledgeable and professional and were open to all questions, large and small. We appreciated their willingness to ask questions and to collaborate, especially in the moments when we were all exploring something new. Our students felt safe, confident and respected as fellow creators in the process. We look forward to working with Mike and Dylan again!"


-Erin Jerozal

Viterbo University

Theatre and Music Theatre Department

"Dylan is incredible to work with. Not only does he bring pure passion to every project, he also approaches his work with an eye for detail and creativity. I always know that i'm in good hands when we work together. No matter how big or small, he simply brings his best every time."


-Andy Hughes

Singer, Songwriter


"Dylan is a gifted photographer and quickly becoming a favorite of many local bands. I am grateful for all he has done to promote local and regional artists, mostly on his own time. The video he made for Old Soul Society is amazing, but to me what is truly remarkable is that he shot it on a Saturday night, went home and edited, and produced the video the next morning."


- Matt Becker



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Phone:  608-518-2437

My name is Dylan Overhouse. I am a filmmaker  with a degree in Visual Communications. While I am currently based out of La Crosse, Wisconsin, I am happy to travel for work, and eager to see the world. My passion lies in visual story telling, photography, cinematography, and music. 


My goal as a Videographer and Photographer is to create powerful imagery that tells a story on its own. My video projects can be tailored to a specific audience while appealing to a larger audience as well. Let me help tell your story and expand your business. 

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