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"Kansas City Shuffle"

“Kansas City Shuffle”

They look right, and you go left

While out on a walk during sunset I heard a plane from the distance, immediately I looked up and began composing a shot and waited for the plane to enter my frame. Snap. A single image then I continued my adventure through the city and enjoyed my favorite time of the day.

As I began processing the image, it felt strong but empty, like a minimalist photo. Although I had nice sunset colors, I didn’t want them to distract from the simplicity of the image, so I edited it in black and white. The single room being lit carries a strong feeling as well.

“Kansas City Shuffle” represents how I came to mentally and emotionally process what I liked about the image. My eyes are immediately drawn to the stairs, and then over to the building and then the plane; but what speaks to me most about this image is the negative space. It is the last thing that I wasn’t even paying attention to that made it for me.

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