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Event Coverage Necessities

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

That's a wrap for a four day event coverage.

Here are a few little things that played a big role in getting me through the week.

First is the BlackRapid Dual-Camera Chest Harness. This allows me to distribute the weight of my two cameras, while also having them securely fastened and ready to shoot anything within a moment. On my down time I like to imagine myself in the wild wild west and this is my gun sling.

The Yungnuo 600ex-rt ii has the power to quickly and consistently produce a desirable light in any environment, and paired super well with the Gary Fong flash diffuser that I rented from a friend. The gary fong distributed a nice soft and even light, giving my subjects a lovely pop of light on their skin.

My pair of Canon 6d Mark ii's have proven themselves time and time again over the years for reliability and functionality on every occasion. Like most events, I teamed them up with a 24-70mm for wide shots and group shots, and the 70-200 for hanging in the back and shooting over/through crowds, and presenters on stage.

Having a detailed and planned shot-list is one of the best things you can receive from a client, and WHEA nailed it with their thorough list.

Last but certainly not least, is the comfort and style of my adidas busenitz shoes kept my feet happy, while my f/viii v/sual hat kept my luscious locks held down and was my personal flare for a business casual fit.

Not pictured is the quick 128gb lexar sd cards that kept me shooting, and the cold brew coffee that kept me moving.

Anyways, hire me. I work hard. I do good.

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