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Artdose Artist Profile: Dylan Overhouse

“The stars aren’t the miraculous part, it’s the darkness between them” (David Nash)

A good subject doesn’t make a good photo by itself, it’s how you choose to show its place in the world around it; that interaction is what completes a photo for me.

I had originally planned to open up my recent artist statement with that. After Frank Juarez (Artdose Magazine Founder) reached out to me about being featured in the (Artdose) magazine, I realized that I would need to develop an artist statement and bio. I’ve had to write various bio’s throughout the years, but if I have written an artist statement in the past, it has been years so I was starting from scratch.

First thing I did was compile information from different resources about what the statement & bio should include, what it shouldn’t include, and what they all had in common. This was my foundation. My next step was to brainstorm; I just started writing down words, feelings, metaphors and loose ideas that I felt reflected me. Once I had a good amount of my thoughts down, I reached out to journalist Randy Erickson to share his talent and help me put these pieces together. What he sent back was incredible, but ultimately I felt it was too much for what I wanted to present in this situation, so I trimmed it down a bit to something more concise.


Anyways, back to the quote at the beginning - I love that quote from Nash, and I love metaphors, so I thought it would be a fitting metaphor for my work. Usually when I think of this quote, I think of it as life in general, and what we do in the moments between our peaks in life that mean the most.

Appreciate the journey, you know.

But it also makes sense when I think of my photography. Whether it is a portrait, or a landscape, or street photography, whatever it is - it’s usually one thing that I am initially focused on, but also very aware of everything surrounding that, and what I do is capture the subject's relationship with that environment. So it’s not just the one subject, it’s also everything around them that tells the story.

Makes sense, right? Yeah.

Bit of a stretch? Perhaps.


P.S. Being recognized by Artdose Magazine alone gives me a refreshed sense of purpose and validation, but to have them share my work and story is also an incredible feeling, and for that I am grateful.

Film photography has taught me many things and led to artistic and personal growth throughout the journey.

In my short artist statement, I touch on the "Why film photography?" question you may have wondered when seeing my work.

Check it out! -

Artdose Magazine Weekly (January 22, 2023): Dylan Overhouse

In another blog/post, I want to go into how film photography has affected my professional work as a cinematographer and video director/producer.

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Artdose Magazine Feature

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