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A little snow won't stop us.

The world doesn’t stop for rough weather, it just slows down a bit. In this lengthy series I capture the essence of winter in La Crosse, Wi on a photo walk through the inner city during a snowstorm. Deliveries still need to be made, and mail to be delivered; People’s lives must go on even in the thick of a storm. Whether it’s navigating slippery sidewalks, shoveling your driveway before class, or the chaotic traffic on the way to work, the weather affects us all one way or another and we just have to fight through it.

I shot all of these on my Canon 6dii with a 50mm lens. 01.19.23. Follow along and see how I approach and capture a scene.

A very worn out laundromat. Say those words and you have my attention. Equipped with the classic Pepsi sign on the corner, the missing bits and pieces are telling of its age and care.

Here is what Matt D on yelp has to say about the current business, "If you're a masochist looking to attempt some laundry, this is the place for you!"

I originally didn't want the fence in the above shot, but I think it added a nice foreground element. After shooting that I moved in and tried to capture that back wall but didn't have a better shot. I was happy with that one. Moving around to the side, I wanted to get a good shot of the old sign, below.

Maybe my favorite of the series is the close up of the paint chipping away. I do like it a lot, but I think the three images compliment one another well. It's okay by itself. Or MAYBE, the close up below would pair well with the first wide shot of the scene.


Law Office. One of my favorite images of the day. It's calming.


New York. (below)

Show must go on.

It's fine. I'm fine. We're fine.

I like how the snow simplified what could have been a messy scene, but just focuses on the complimenting shapes, colors, and the church.


This one below I had originally looked over, but it is really nice by itself. Kinda sad feeling, yet hopeful.

Always gotta get the details. Each one of these tiny little twigs stick together (no pun intended) to make up the big bush.


The path to Asian Foods.

Below I began to focus on the minimalistic look of the edges of steps.

A good tip: Always get closer. This simple shot below is my favorite of the day, I can't wait to get it printed!

It's hard for me to not appreciate the paint from skateboarders on the hand rail.

Hang on.

Ho-Chunk Nation.

Hey dude!

If you pay attention there are tiny little inspiring messages and artworks etched throughout the city and there is always something new to find.

Sweet hat, Chuck.


Unloading a truck.

Plowing the streets.

Caught 'em mid stride. I asked for another photo, but this candid was the better of the two.

Watch your step!

If you look closely, the stillness of the bird on the left compliments the fluttering bird aside it.

Look up, look down, look all around.

Just little moments around the city. Thank you for taking the time.


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